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10 Domande con Sofia Medina

Tell us about yourself!

I packed up my life into 4 suitcases and left corporate America to move to Italy for love and live this idea of “La Dolce Vita.” Living and working in Rome for nearly 4 years as a freelance digital marketing consultant and English teacher, I started my YouTube channel, “Sofie’s World,” which now has over 100,000 subscribers. I found a passion documenting my experiences as a bilingual expat and sharing my love of the Italian language and culture with others. I moved back to the USA to pursue a career in digital marketing and social media for a large beauty brand (yes, back to corporate life!) where I currently reside in Houston TX, with my Italian husband and 2 Italian pets we brought over from Italy. I work hard after hours to maintain content creation and keeping up with this amazing internet community I’ve fostered on the side! It's been amazing to connect with so many like-minded individuals. Where are you from?

I'm originally from Houston, TX, with Italian and Mexican heritage. What inspired you to start Sofie's World?

To be transparent, I started my YouTube channel because I was lonely and wanted something to visually document for myself and as a way to stay connected to my friends and family back in the States; never in a million years did I think others would connect with my story and want to follow along.

Italian drink of choice?

While many would assume Aperol Spritz, it' s actually a Negroni Sbagliato - something hard to find on the cocktail menu in the States! Aperol Spritz comes in as a close second, though :) Favorite restaurant in Italy?

That's like asking someone who their favorite child is! It depends on the occasion and city, but... there's nothing quite like Matricianella's fettuccine al pomodoro in Rome. Favorite town on the Italian Riviera?

There are so many quaint towns! I personally love Portofino, Santa Magherita Ligure and Portovenere. Go-to gelato flavor?

Pistacchio and Nocciola, always together! Favorite Italian saying?

L'erba del vicino è sempre più verde (The neighbor's grass is always greener - similar to "the grass is always greener on the other side") Any tips to learn the Italian language?

Immersion! Even if you can't spend months on end in Italy, immerse yourself in all things Italian. Watch reruns of your favorite shows in Italian and start with English subtitles, read simple texts (I started with children's books, for example), utilize online tutoring or conversational platforms with native speakers, YouTube is another great resource! Outside of the elementary basics like grammar and vocabulary, hearing and practicing how they are used in everyday conversational moments is vital.

Advice for other women pursuing their passions?

Give yourself more credit! I'm guilty of having imposter syndrome, but something that has helped me over the years is trying to see yourself the way your best friend or other loved ones in your life see you. How do you see them? How would you root for them in their success, no matter how small? Do the same for yourself. Life is too short to not pursue what you're longing for, and even if it doesn't work out - you won't regret trying in the first place. There's nothing worse than living with constant what ifs.

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