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10 Domande con Jordan Salcito

1) Tell us about yourself!

New Yorker for 16 years, born in Denver and currently living in Paris with my husband and two sons (Henry, 7, and Ronan 3) and deeply passionate about sustainability, wellness, and wine! No they are not mutually exclusive. I've always felt a connection to my Italian heritage (via my paternal side of the family) and am grateful to be able to continue to grow a company I believe in so fully.

2) What inspired you to start RAMONA?

So many things - mostly I wanted to drink something in casual (or on-the-go) moments that met my value system! I was surprised that everything in an on-the-go format was made with chemical preservatives in a laboratory and knew I couldn't be the only person who wanted to be able to enjoy something delicious that didn't poison people or the planet. 

3) Tell us about how RAMONA is unique!

RAMONA is made in Italy in partnership with our certified-sustainable winery partner. We use organic Italian grapes and organic Sicilian citrus fruit - that's it!

4) What would you say led to RAMONA's rapid growth?

I think people are more and more curious about what they're consuming and our value system - organic ingredients, low sulphide, no hidden chemicals or preservatives - resonated from the get-go. 

5) Favorite RAMONA flavor?

Am I allowed to pick one? It's contextual but generally I love Blood Orange over a glass of ice while cooking dinner, I love Ruby Grapefruit during the hot summer days and Meyer Lemon is terrific with iced tea as a spiked Arnold Palmer.

6) Italian drink of choice?

Really into Elena Vermouth at the moment, vermouth made by Elena Pena Currado Vietti who is an incredible businesswoman, winemaker and parent! 

7) Favorite town on the Italian Riviera?

Do I have to just pick one? I'd say Manarolo, the iconic town that seems to tumble down into the sea - one of the five Cinque Terre villages - would have to be my pick!

8) Favorite restaurant or bar in Italy?

I adore a bar in Palermo called Ferramenta - everything about it is perfect, from the piazza it's part of to the Sicilian vermouth they turn into a perfect spritz. Heaven. The garnishes are a true thing of beauty to boot.

9) Favorite Italian saying?


10) Advice for other women pursuing their passions?

Listen to your intuition, and know that if you're giving something your all and you're doing it for a reason that's bigger than yourself, miracles happen and waves part.

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