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Travel essentials for your summer Italy trip

With everyone going to Italy this summer (hello White Lotus), we've put together our favorite travel essentials to make your travels easier, and more stylish.

Apple air tag - such a game changer and will give you peace of mind as you journey to and from Italy. Put the air tag in your luggage and always know where it is by tracking it right from your phone.

Cute swimwear + cover ups - If you're beach bound on the Italian Riviera, you'll be spending most of your time in swimwear, so bring a good amount of options! Montce just launched a gelato print collection - I mean does it get any more perfect for an Italy trip?

Comfortable slides - we really like these rope ones from Salt + Umber.

Gold jewelry to compliment your mediterranean glow. Check out this medallion necklace that we love from our friends at Love, Ellison.

Outlet converters - if you know, you know. Make sure to bring enough so you can use that Dyson Airwrap you just got ;)

Cute accessories - Keep your important travel documents and passport in one place with a CARINA clutch, and save space and use it as an accessory for your evening passeggiata. Speaking of passports - you can shop our new CARINA passport case styles here.

Buon Viaggio! Xx

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